A Foundation For Your Future Success

We all have said things like, “some people have all the luck,”  “everything he touches turns to gold,” but if we ever took the time to look at these individuals journey we would get an entirely different picture.

A Foundation For Your Future Success! 

Arnold Schwarzenegger and his buddy Sylvester Stallone both went through great personal struggles, hardships and resistance before reaching the top of their professions and beyond.  It is the same for most successful individuals, they raced head long into the struggles and hardships.  They overcame the resistance. 

If you are not being challenged in your life and profession how will you grow?

What happens if you never place yourself in the path of the strong winds of resistance?

What happens if you never struggle for a bigger goal?

Just as a tree in the center of the forest has shallow roots from never facing strong winds you will have shallow roots.  Should those protections you have allowed yourself to live behind ever come down you will be just like the tree in the center of the forest when trees along the edge are harvested – the slightest wind will bring that tree down.


Nothing and no one develops a strong foundation for long-term success without struggle, hardships and resistance!

Your Coach,

Mike Inabinett  

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