Are Your Excuses Keeping You From Your Destiny?

"It's okay to want to explain why you aren't where you want to be. But you also have to realize that justifying it won't get you there any faster. In life, you either do or you don't.  You either waste time placating yourself into stagnancy, or you get honest about where you are and make a change. The validity of your excuses only serves to make you temporarily feel better about why you aren't doing what you know you want and need to be."  Brianna Wiest - The 18 Things You Need To Give Up To Become A High Achieving Person

How many times in your life have excuses held you back from your best?

How many times daily do we make an excuse for not doing something that we know should be done? 

How many times have we made yet another excuse to not execute an action that we know is on our to-do list because we wrote it down ourselves?! 

It's Crazy!  

I know for me this started very early in life, as I tried anything to get out of doing a chore that my parents or teachers had assigned for me.

Somewhere along the way, I got away with it enough that I adopted it as part of who I was. 

Before I knew it excuse-itis had set in! 

The roots of this personal responsibility disease can run very deep and will often require major surgery for its removal.

For me, it is still a struggle to get out of my own way! 

Even today, I had to work hard to force myself into taking action on a money-making activity that comes with the real probability of rejection vs the none threating actions on the computer.

I can hear that voice in my head saying, it is too late in the day to go out cold calling on businesses, it would be better to start fresh tomorrow. 

Just go get a workout and call that prospecting and you can pretend when you get back that you were really working!

There comes a point in life when growing up is required if you are to reach the heights of personal success you were created to achieve. 

Growing up means we face excuse-itis with a big smile and just come out an tell it to get behind us and stay out of the way because you have great things to accomplish today.

I would highly recommend the book, The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins. 

It is well worth reading and it will help you as it has me to get past those wimpy excuses and taking action. 

I found when taking the actions outlined in the book that it doesn't allow you time to think up your excuse. 

You have already counted down and started taking action.  It kicks you into the right mindset for taking immediate action!

Folks, let's make it happen!  Make the decision today, right now, that we are not going to allow excuse-itis to gain the upper hand and hold us back any longer. 

Give The Day Your Best So Those Around You Will Receive Your Best! 


No, More Excuses!

Your Coach, 

Mike Inabinett

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