Do You Find Yourself Pretending Your Problems Don’t Exist

“Make a spreadsheet of your debt. Write a list of the habits you know are detrimental to your health and reflect on what discomfort they help you to avoid. Think about the people you owe apologies to. Envision what it would take to transform your life. Be honest with yourself. Sticking your head in the sand is actively making things worse.”  Brianna Wiest

Do you find yourself pretending your problems don’t exist.  High Achievers do not neglect to take care of their garden.  They make sure to tend to even the smallest detail.  They know a little neglect and soon the garden will be overrun with weeds.  They never pretend they have no problems they evaluate and pull the weeds before the garden is lost!  We should follow their example!


The number one for people world wide is, “Will I out live my money?”

Do You Ignore Your Finances – Your Personal Debt? Being in debt is the American Way and since the last financial melt down in this country personal and corporate debt is now back at an all time high!

Do you evaluate your debt situation – your financial situation and if it’s out of whack are you facing up to that and then are you working on a plan to get rid of that debt?

I highly recommend Dave Ramsey and his Financial Peace University as a way to gain control of your financial life and get out of debt.  This is my personal contact that is a successful Financial Peace University graduate getting out of $42K in debt and is now a Financial Coach with this program – Melissa Thomas Contact her at 910-338-9612

You’re not free until your debt free if you’ve got a debt hanging over you you are a slave to that debt and to whomever owns that debt.  It’s important that you make a spreadsheet of all your debt and decide you’re not going to add any more debt to it.  Next, you’re gonna pay down debt whether that means tightening the belt or going out and getting an additional job increasing your income to pay down that debt.


Health is the number two concern of people and it is especially big for those retiring worried it can eat up their retirement if they get ill.

I keep this simple for me and the people I’ve coached over the years I you know here’s number one for health – eat more real food than processed food number one you’ve got to consume at least 80 to 90 percent of all of your calories from real food that’s something that grows on a vine, on a tree, on a bush, or in the ground versus those things that are man-made in a factory somewhere with a bunch of chemicals.


Fitness is a major avoidance for so many but it is something so easy to accomplish.

Here’s the way I look at fitness and this is the way when I was a personal trainer I trained my clients.  Your level of fitness should allow you to do the normal day to day activities with energy plus handle an emergency or participate in your chosen form of recreation.

It’s one thing to be able to lift a lot of heavy weights but it’s another thing to have functional fitness and strength.

Getting functionally fit does not require a gym membership or a personal trainer even though I would recommend one if you are just getting started on a program.  And always get cleared by your physician before starting a fitness program.

I know so many people that lived well in their eighties and nineties by gardening and walking as their only fitness routine.  The key was their consistency.

Plus there are numerous body weight exercise programs out there – No Excuses!


We are a spiritual being’s with a physical body.  If you are neglecting the spiritual side of your life you are going to lose out long-term.  Connection with your Creator is the key to your spiritual and overall well-being!  Don’t neglect your spiritual growth it is something I believe should be the start of everyday.


We were created for relationship and that means one to one and community.

Your first priority is to that person who is the most important person in your life.  Do not neglect and make sure that person knows daily how you feel about them. This relationship must be nurtured, taken care of and if it’s not then you need to get that right before trying to serve in your community.  We should make service to others a priority if we are going to be our best self!


The average adult after graduation from high school only reads one book a year.  You brain must be exercised just like the body or it to will diminish in function.

Read people read and study about you must challenge our minds.

We must continue to grow continue to read continue to study even reading on things that are not really your passion just to challenge yourself and to see if you can grow in a new area and who knows you may find a new passion as well.


Finding downtime!  Or better planning downtime!  On our most recent trip to the beach I wanted to work but that didn’t happen.  So I took advantage turned off everything for the weekend and played golf.

We all need a break to recharge and renew ourselves especially the entrepreneur/business owners – it is so easy to get caught up in doing 80-90 hours in a week.

You know we talked about imbalances in our life and one of the things that you need to do is make sure that you have time to work in recreation.  My wife and I are trying really hard to make sure at least one weekend a month we can get away and relax.


If we’re gonna be our best self not only for us but for the people in our circle of influence, ignoring any of these areas will lead to imbalance, leading to stresses in your life keeping us from our personal best.

Remember a garden neglected will soon be over taken by weeds!

Be Your Best Self!  You Can Do It!

Your Coach,

Mike Inabinett

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