Do You Ignore The Voices?

Ignoring your feelings.

“Your anger? It’s telling you where you feel powerless. Your anxiety? It’s telling you that something in your life is off balance. Your fear? It’s telling you what you care about. Your apathy? It’s telling you where you’re overextended and burnt out. Your feelings aren’t random, they are messengers. And if you want to get anywhere, you need to be able to let them speak to you, and tell you what you really need.”  Brianna West

Anger = Powerless.  What area of your life do you feel the most vulnerable or powerless?  Let’s get personal! 

I have someone in my life that is an expert I finding the place you feel the most vulnerable or powerless.  Once he figures that out he then goes on the attack.  His objective is for you to become angry but not just a little angry but out of control angry.  The second you lose control is the second that he celebrates the victory.  
You may have someone in your life that is similar in personality but it is not about them it is about you – me! 
You must reflect on that area of you life where you feel powerless.  Get down to the very bottom of the issue. 
For me it has always been never feeling like I measure up – I was never good enough.  An exercise I did to help me overcome (even thought it will raise its ugly head from time to time) was to wright down the top 50 things I had a accomplished in my life.  Try it you will be surprised at all you have achieved.  
Anxiety = Imbalance. Is you life in balance or is it all messed up?!  For most of us I dare say it is more than just a little messed up.  Would you agree?  I also realize there are seasons in life that will require more attention and during that season there may be a temporary imbalance.  But that does not mean we stay there. 
These are the seven spokes you will find on the Ziglar Wheel of Life;

  • Mental
  • Spiritual
  • Physical
  • Family
  • Financial
  • Personal
  • Career

Is your Wheel of Life balanced in all areas enough to provide you a smooth ride?  You Can Take An Assessment Here!  

After taking the assessment my teeth got a little lose from all the bouncing around trying to ride on that wheel.  If you find imbalances then do like Ben Franklin and work on each area until it is where it need to be.  Then hit the next one until you achieve a smooth ride.  I like to target an area for a week then move to the next building each a little at a time.
Fear = What You Care About.    Fake Event Appearing Real. 
The closer you are to what is really important in your life the greater the fear becomes. 
It is life asking you to step up and do what only you can do. 
It is your time to push through the fear in order to reach you destiny. 
Life then becomes all about choice! 
Will you make the choice to step into the fear, push through the obstacles, stay the course until you reach the mountain top? 
I Know You Will!  Your Are More Courageous Than You Know!
Apathy = Burn Out.  I think this is closely connected to Imbalance. 
When we are constantly pushing the rock up hill eventually the rock will roll over us. 
You don’t want to reach that point in your life or on any project. 
I know that when I have Curves by Mike I reached that point due to my failure to recognize the signs of burn out.  The result of reaching that point was a very poor decision was made.
In my opinion the one thing that we can do in this area is to seek wise counsel. 
Find a mentor or coach that you can freely share experiences with, so, they are their to help before you reach the point of burn out.  Or join a group of like minded individuals that you are comfortable sharing your journey with or you feel you can ask questions of.  
Feel Free to contact me if you would like help or just someone to listen!
Your Coach,
Mike Inabinett

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