Do You Want More Success In Life – Seek Discomfort!

"All of the "bad habits" that are holding you back from your potential you adapted to as coping mechanisms, and what you were trying to do is avoid discomfort.

Most people build their lives around just doing what makes them feel most at ease without realizing that trying to avoid inevitable feelings is the fast track to complacency and actually facilitates deep, prolonged anxiety."  Brianna Wiest

We Have A Problem

There is something wrong in the world and it is "happiness."  What?!  But, Mike I though happiness was a right, that it was the true state of being for humanity.  I am human therefore I am happy!  What about the pursuit of happiness?!  

We see it more and more the individuals that by all measurements of material success have it all but yet have hanged themselves to escape life.  The most damaging effect of this false belief is among our youth - where suicide is the leading cause of death among the 14 to 25 age group with homicide second.

I am not here to take on the issue of mental illness and all of its various components.  But I do observe things and I know that even with the massive increase in professionals to treat depression, anxiety, stress, etc. plus the massive increase in medications used in the treatment of these challenging situations death by suicide has only increased.  Neither am I here to address our current culture which still treats mental illness as taboo. 

But You Have to Ask Why Is this happening?

Those of you that know my on personal story know I have experienced the effects of both suicide and murder.  I know personally the daily mental pictures of that day that pop up almost randomly in my thoughts.      

There is something called a dream world and then there is reality.  The Reality is that as long as we are breathing and our heart is beating we are going to come face to face with discomfort. 

Happiness is nothing more than a temporary state of being that cannot be sustained.  You should do a study on the difference in happiness and joy. 

I believe a key to the massive increase in suicides world wide and especially in America is the false believe we were meant to be in a constant state of happiness.   The unrealistic expectation and the inevitable consequences are driving people to despair and hopelessness. 

Those that are trying to avoid discomfort by seeking safe rooms or spaces or in the totalitarian methods now seen in our country to force beliefs, ideals and lifestyles on others is nothing more than a empty attempt at avoiding discomfort.  What ever happened to let us reason together?

This I am sorry to say will not slow down until we are willing to come face to face with discomfort as a normal part of life and focus on those things that will bring us JOY!

Things That Are Easy and Comfortable Are Not Always Our Friends

Do you seek comfort?  Do you choice actions that will bring you ease?  You will not find this among those that have reached great heights in life!  You did not see Martin Luther King, Jr. seek ease and comfort - You did not see Mother Teresa seeking the easy street. 

You did not see the Greatest Generation go into hiding or running away from the discomfort of a world war.  They charged straight ahead and never looked back and they changed the world.  

You and I will never reach our best self if we continue to excuse ourselves from the discomfort of living life.  We must condition ourselves to seek growth that will always place us face to face with discomfort. 

Discomfort challenges us to make the choice to flee to the safe space of complacency, anxiety and hopelessness.  If we choose to face discomfort we will grow and develop a strength of character which moves us ever closer to being that high achieving - world changing individual we were meant to be!  

You Can Do This!  Don't Allow Yourself to Live Life Small!

I want to leave you with this;

Joy comes when we are living out our purpose in the service of others! 

Joy comes when we know who we are and who's we are!

Your Coach,

Mike Inabinett

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