I Am Not Defensive – I Am Just Defending My Problems!

"If someone offers you advice on how to change a problem that you've been complaining about for a while, do you consider it, or do you respond with an excuse as to why they don't understand, why it won't work, or why you are ultimately helpless? If so, consider why you are defending your problems more than you are your potential. This is a symptom of 'learned helplessness.'"  Brianna Wiest

If you have been following along in this series are you seeing like I am that as we go through this list that they are really all connected.  This one is like an off shot of the last one.  

Have you found yourself like me in that place where you view every comment made about you through the lens of defensiveness? 

To make it worse the level of sensitivity that we have is off the charts. 

We have a list of excuses on the ready should we perceive any possibility of an attack on our current state. 

Our current state is usually the place where we know in our most inward parts that we are not doing our best! 

We are just not giving it our all and the results in our work, careers, and lives are showing the signs of neglect. 

Oh, but don't you dare point any of this out or you are the enemy! 

You just don't understand what it is like...You just don't know all that has happened...It's the economy stupid! 

Or, it is my age, no-one wants someone like me!  

It is so easy to look outside of ourselves for an excuse for our failures. 

It gets easier with each passing day to defend even the worst position we have allowed ourselves to slip into.  

That which you repeatedly do and say becomes who you are!

Are you defending your problems more than you are your potential? 

If you are it is time to call in reinforcements. 

It is time to call in those closest to you and have a  one to one and seek wise counsel.

"Without counsel, plans go awry, But in the multitude of counselors, they are established."  Proverbs 15:22 

Listen to what they have to say about your current situation. 

You must go into this meeting will a willingness to listen and when you have that desire to defend your current problem-filled life - quite yourself and make note of what poor behavior you were ready to defend.   

Once you have done this review where the tension points were and ask yourself are you living up to your full potential there - the potential that those closest to you recognize in you!

You can correct the ship that has gotten off course and reset the sails to take you into the light of your full potential and your personal best!

You Can Do It!  Make it a positive day by being of service to others!

Your Coach,

Mike Inabinett

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