I Was Listening – What Did You Say?!

“Everything that isn’t helping you move forward or build a life you’re proud of is simply a distraction. Whether this means streamlining your wardrobe, decluttering your home, parsing down on your project load, or even downsizing your social obligations, eliminating distractions is absolutely essential.”  Brianna Wiest


This is the problem of our age!

All of the clutter in our lives is impossible to carry.

Are you being pulled in so many different directions that it is impossible for you to be at your best?

Think of a small pond in winter that looks like it is frozen solid enough we believe we can walk across.  We begin our walk and as soon as we get a few yards offshore we realize it was an illusion suddenly the ice begins to crack beneath our feet.

The illusion of busyness, only having the appearance of productivity and accomplishment is nothing more than standing on the cracking ice of distraction!

Communication – Lost In The Distraction

It is a rare thing these days to hear what someone else is saying or for us to be heard.

How many times has my wife asked me a question only for me to respond with, sorry, what did you say?  (Not a wise thing to do!)

We all could sit down and write out a to-do list that would easily feel a legal pad.  We all can get bogged down into the mud of being in a constant state of busyness and distraction.

I grew up in a home that had no phone. If there was a need to call someone or if we received a call the phone was at my aunt and uncles home, next door!

Now, we are never without our phones and most of the time we are either texting, talking or scrolling!

We are talking, texting and scrolling but very few of us are communicating.

If you need proof just watch or listen to the news for a few minutes and you will see this lived out – lots of lips flapping – yelling – protesting – fighting – demanding – but no one is listening – no one is doing as Stephen Covey suggested in his book; The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, “Seek First To Understand”!

What do we do?  We yell louder – we text with venom – we lash out in anger!  Distracted into the icy waters of emptiness and delusion!

The next time you are in a conversation with someone after they have made their remarks take the time to go deeper by asking questions in order to understand.

You will not believe what true communication will accomplish and what it can do to change your circle of influence.

It is time to clean house!  It is time for a personal inventory of your life!  It is time to get rid of the clutter that is holding you back from the significant!

You Can Do It!

Your Coach,
Mike Inabinett

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