It’s About Time To Drop The Victim Mentality!

"Your backstory will not define your life. Your current circumstances will not define your life. The only thing that defines your life is what you choose to do in response to them. Everyone has a story of struggle to share – some people define themselves by it, others act in spite of it. Your past will only be your future if you carry it there."  Brianna Wiest

I remember someone telling me about how to plow a field back in the days when he used a mule to pull the plow.  He, of course, explained that the goal was to plow a straight row.  Now, at the time I was not using a mule I was using a push plow since the soil had already been prepared.  The goal was the same - a straight row. 

The experienced farmer explained how to get a straight row;

  • TARGET - Pick out something straight ahead out in the distance
  • VISION - Make sure the target is far enough out front so your chin is up - hard to see where you are going with your head down  
  • CONCENTRATION -  Don't take your eyes off of your target
  • EFFICIENCY - Don't look back - your row will be crocked and it will cost you time and effort in the do-over
There is a lot of wisdom in the lessons of the plow. 
It is so important for us to have a Target - that something that is going to put us on the straightest path to where we have chosen to go.  Now, that doesn't mean that the path is going to be smooth, does it?  There will be rocks and roots as we plow ahead toward our Target.
The Vision has to be challenging enough, out far enough, that it forces us to look past our current situation to what our efforts will ultimately produce and the effects on others it will have once completed.  Your Vision must be bigger than you - it must involve the benefit and service to others!  Ancient Wisdom tells, If you seek greatness you must be a servant to many!
As we move forward we can't allow our Concentration to slip or another way to put it is, Don't Lose Your Focus!  Keep your eyes on the prize - keep your head up not allowing the rock or the root to distract you from your ultimate destination.  The rocks and the roots are only there to distract to pull your head down taking your eyes off the Target, distorting your Vision, and destroying your Vision (Your Purpose)!
Finally, we must understand that time is valuable, it is probably the most valuable thing we have because we can never get it back.  This is why Efficiency is so important.  We will never be Efficient or Effective if we are allowing our "backstory" to define us.  If we are constantly looking back at our past misses and mistakes our path will not only be filled with rocks and roots but it will be crooked!  Because we lost sight of our Target our Vision became blurred, We lost our Concentration and now valuable time is lost as we will be forced to go back and do the row over again. 
The only way your past will take possession of your future is if you allow it - if you carry it with you! 
Don't play the victim by living and wallowing in the past! 
Your Mission Should You Choose to Except It - Is To Pick You Target Surround It With Vision, Concentrate Locking In Your Sight, Resulting In Efficient Actions And The Successful Completion Of Your Mission!
You Are A Winner and I Believe In You!
Your Coach, 
Mike Inabinett

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