Since 1993

Living Your Purpose


Who are you when no one else is looking?  A little consistent self evaluation is critical to your long term success in reaching your goals and living your purpose.

Motivation is the process we use to continue doing something. It can come in the form of rewards, support, self-affirmations, or visual aids. All of these are great but will they power you through the really really difficult times?  We need a purpose for continuing through the difficult times until we reach our goals.

What is your life purpose? To begin, learn a bit about yourself by asking who, what, when and how questions.  Who is the one person in your life that has inspired you the most?  What single characteristic of that person’s life stood out to you?  How have you worked to bring that characteristic to life in you?  When was the last time you were truly excited about the day ahead?  What was happening that day?  What about that day brought you a true sense of peace and happiness?

Motivation is a mind game. To be more exact, it is a tool of the subconscious mind. Negative thinking brings about negative results. All the motivation in the world can’t overcome the power of negative self-talk on the subconscious mind.  Do you think about what you think about?  “Thinking creates an image.  Images control feelings.  Feelings cause actions.  Actions create results.” Bob Proctor

Achieving goals is a process that involves finding our motivation, our purpose. A lack of motivation results in broken promises. Create a list of your attributes. On this list, include:

  • Likes
  • Dislikes
  • Character traits
  • How you would describe yourself
  • Goals you have achieved in the past

Learning a few things about yourself is the key to finding the motivation to achieve your goals. Without taking a good look in the mirror, goals will be sabotaged from within more than they ever will from other people or circumstances.  Living your purpose will motivate you to work through the toughest of time and bring you to Thriving and not just Surviving in the life you have been created to live!